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Improvisation Classes

For the past eight years Sigal has been teaching a yearly course of improvisation at Hakvutza, a dance school for people who start dancing later in life. She had the privilege to initiate people of all ages into the art of improvising- from age 18 to 60. Working with begginers forced her to clearly define the skills needed to become a good improviser. She devised a system of interrelated ideas that are learned over the course, and form a tool box for the creative dancer. Some of them have to do with the ability to listen inwords to oneself-  to sensations, feelings, physical impulses, and others have to do with listening to the outside- to other people, to the space and to the composition created over time.

She teaches long term classes and short workshops for professional dancers as well as for non dancers who are interested in dancing.

Alexander Technique For Dancers

As a professional dancer/choreographer, and a certified Alexander Technique teacher, Sigal, is skilled at making the principals of the Alexander Technique useful and relevant for dancers. Alexander Technique looks at the way we carry out our intentions. Often we use a process that is habitual, unconscious, and counterproductive. The technique offers a practice of staying open and alert in the moment, observing our familiar tensions and choosing to move without them. Beginning with the assumption that we are perfectly designed for movement and balance, we engage our mind to undo layers of interference, creating opportunity for change. The class uses traditional dance exercises, as well as improvisation to explore those idea.

Dance For People With Parkinson Disease 


For the past 3 years Sigal has been teaching contemporary dance classes for people with Parkinson at Yasmeen Godder Studio. The classes began in February 2015, as part of the “Störung/הפרעה” Project. Initiated by Theatre Freiburg, Germany, a unique interdisciplinary collaborative project brought together professional dancers and choreographers with scientists and physicians – along with people with Parkinson’s from Israel and Germany – to explore different aspects of human movement and movement disorder.

Together with Yasmeen Godder Studio and Shiri Tiecher, she is organizing a conference in January 2018 called MOVING COMMUNITIES which celebrates three years of dance classes that brought together dance professionals and people living with Parkinson's disease.

Private Lessons In Alexander Technique


Private sessions are available by appointment. For more information see:

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