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50 min, solo


REVERT TO MANUAL is a lecture/performance that transposes a physical-therapeutic practice into a performative event. For over 15 years Sigal Bergman has been creating dance and treating people though the Alexander Technique. In REVERT TO MANUAL she dissolves the borders between these fields in an attempt to transform performance into a healing act, and dance into a teaching tool. In the show, she asks whether a dancer's knowledge can change our thinking about our health— and how can the magical therapeutic touch of an Alexander technique session be transferred into a performance context. REVERT TO MANUAL is a mix of storytelling, demonstration, direct engagement with the audience and dance, all revolving around the three main principles of the Technique that are just as relevant to my work as a dancer: awareness, inhibition and direction.


Choreography and performance by: Sigal Bergman

Outside eye: Sharon Zuckerman Weiser, Keren Ben Altabet, May Zarchi

Rehearsal management: Kim Tietelbaum

Music: Steve Reich Music for 18 Musicians


The piece was created with support from Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, the Rabinowitz Foundation for the Arts and a residency at Kelim Choreography Center, Bat Yam, Israel and at Stage-Center, Tel Aviv and Yasmeen Godder company.

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