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List of previous work


Sepia Tour

1997, solo

Premiered at the Outback Series, Gowanus Arts Exchange, NYC

By and with: Sigal Bergman

Original music: David Oppenheim


The Body Snatchers

1997, trio

Premiered at Highway NCI, Context Studio, NYC

Original music: David Oppenheim

With Sara Michelson, Julie Atlas Muz and Sigal Bergman



1998, solo with video

Premiered at Merce Cunningham Studio, NYC

By and with: Sigal Bergman

Video: Romy Achituv



2000, a full evening dance for six dancers

created though the "artist in residence program" at Movement research 2000-2001

Premiered at Washington Square Church, NYC

Music: Steve Reich

With: Anna-Sophia Kallinikidou, Amanda Loulaki, Athena Malloy, Yorgos Matskaris, Meg Wolf and Sigal Bergman

Making Good Time

2001, duet

Premiered at PS 122, NYC

With: Alejandra Martorell and Sigal Bergman



2005, a political dance for seven

created though a residency at BAX, Brooklyn, NY

Premiered at BAX, NYC

Music: Noco and Katiushka

With: Nico Arze, Paul Benney, Justin Lynch, Katiushka Melo, Leah Morrison, Lise Serrell and Rebecca Serrell


Because of boys

2011, solo

Premiered at 'Machol lohet festival', Sussan Dalal, Tel Aviv

By and with: Sigal Bergman

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