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Photos: Gadi Dagon


Duration: 25 min


Losing Ground takes on a physical, abstract limitation as a guide to connect with the underworld. It creates a world where what you see is only half of the picture, the mirror half exists under the floor and is only implied by the movement.

The piece brakes the normal sense of balance by reversing the weight hierarchy of the head and pelvic making the dancers "fall from their head repeatedly".  Insisting on taking head's weight as the initiation for locomotion, forces the dancers to give up control and to surrender to  dizziness and imbalance.

Choreography: Sigal Bergman

Dancers: Or Avishay, yuli kovbasnian, Tamar Ben Cnaan

Original music: Yaniv Mintzer

Premiered at Tmuna theater, Tel Aviv

Losing Ground was created with the support of the Rabinovitz foundation for the arts

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