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From 2010 to the present Sigal is part of Oktet an improvisation collective meeting regularly to dance preforme and teach together. Performances include A moment of birth at the Jerusalem festival 'Kola shel Mila” , ״Interstate״ at the Bat yam festival for street performance and Present Simple an ongoing improvisation performance that travels across Israel.


An improvised duet with created and performed with Yuval Goldstein

Tmuna theater, Tel Aviv, 2012

Since 1995 Sigal has participated as a creative dancer in many projects. Some of the projects she was part of :


Deborah Hay

Lamb at the Alter, 1995, Saint Marks church NYC

Linda Austin

Nightwork, 1996 Arts at University Settlement, NYC

Pig, 1998, Danspace Project, NYC


Anat shamgar

Summer, 2000, Tmuna theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

Alejandra Martorell

The Are Not Falling, 2005, P.S. 122, NYC

Osmany Tellez

Out, 2005, Danspace Project

Descending Matter Landing course, 2004 NYC, DTW, NYC 

 Sally Silvers

Dereamsdocometrue, 2004, Danspace Project, NYC

Justin Lynch

Middel of Man, 2009, The Kitchen, NYC


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