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Sigal Bergman, ACAT, AmSAT


Sigal Bergman is a certified Alexander Technique teacher (ACAT 2002) and a member of AmSAT. In 2006 she completed an AT postgraduate course in "The Art of Breathing", giving her special skills to work with breath and voice. She was on faculty at Movement Research,  taught at the Juilliard drama department, and since returning to Israel thought at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance and at Yasmeen Godder studio. Her background includes 25 years of movement investigation through Yoga, professional dancing and Tai -Ji. She maintained a private practice in NYC from 2002-2009, and since 2009 teaches the technique in Tel Aviv, Israel.

"My interest in the Technique grew after injuring my knee in a Yoga class. The exercises and treatments I was getting helped ease the pain, but I wasn't sure that they would prevent me from getting injured again. As an active dancer and choreographer I was looking for knowledge that would allow me to continue working safely. Through the Alexander Technique I learned to identify the movement patterns that weakened and strained my knee, and gained confidence in my ability to perform fully and safely. In the process I fell in love with the practice; finding the ability to recognise and avoid unconscious habits enriched both my professional and personal life."

Alexander Technique Lessons

Part of the lesson is spent looking at a students' everyday movements, such as rising from sitting to standing, walking, bending, or stretching, while the rest of the lesson is usually spent on a massage table. Lying on their back, fully clothed, students are led to experience a state of improved coordination. The learning process includes verbal, as well as hands-on cues, from the teacher.


I see lessons as a dialogue between my students and myself. Using words and gentle touch, I help them identify and become aware of, their movement habits, and guide them to a new experience of moving. This processes is typically accompanied by a sense of lightness and ease. I pay special attention to breathing patterns, as I believe that they reflect one's present state in a profound way.

Lessons are geared towards the students' individual needs and interests. We study the activities that are central in each student's life, and identify what is preventing them from feeling ease, or from fulfilling their potential. In time, students acquires the tools that enable them to reach this freedom on their own.


Since this work is experiential and catered specifically to each student's needs, lessons are typically private. However, I offer the possibility of sharing a lesson with another student which is more affordable, and gives the added benefit of learning from other's experiences. On occasion, I lead group workshops, please let me know If you are interested in being on my mailing list, so I can send you an email notice for workshops.

A lesson is 45 minutes long and costs 350 shekels.

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